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Ask me shit! About the author(s): MjH grew up in the suburbs of Encino, CA, born into a family of hilarious Jews. His mother, a witty New Yorker with a sharp tongue, set the bar pretty high in terms of what he looks for in a wife/Jewess.

Forever wearing glasses and on the hunt for Jewish cunt, our man wants you to know that he once schtupped a dame at DIVE! in Century City.

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A Female Voice On The JewSqueeze

This Jappy ho Emily Caplow, the girl behind WAKEUPWHITEGIRL.com, is now going to be the female counterpart of the JewSqueeze! She recently moved to New York to find herself after nearly getting engaged, moments before realizing that maybe she didn’t want to wake-up everyday next to an LMFAO fan. I figured who better than to give the femmes a voice than a Jewess in the city living my Carrie Bradshaw dreams. 

Girls need a voice, and I’m not really into writing about my love life anymore because it’s too much fun being all secret spy. Therefore, I figured I’d give you guys a treat: sex stories/advice/hilarity from a real live GIRL. It’s way better than those “My First Blowjob” stories I used to write. Well, maybe…

Emily is funny. She’s sultry. She’s a Jew who enjoys Votivo candles, Hermes anything, imitating Andy Warhol, and doing anything besides having to go to the gym.

ANYWAY…ladies, gentleman, you wanted a female voice back on the Squeeze — you got one. So without further aJew…

Emily Caplow aka KAPOW! 

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